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Israeli authorities to demolish 16 residential buildings in Sur Baher
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Coming to the dead line of demolishing notice, Israeli forces raided Wadi al-Homs neighborhood in the village of Sur Baher, southeast of occupied Jerusalem, and took measurements of houses threatened with demolition.

Israeli occupation authorities have set Thursday a deadline for demolishing their houses by their hands, a state of fear involved the residents of the neighborhood.

The head of popular committee of Wadi Homs, Hamada Hamadeh said that crews of Israeli municipality accompanied by police and Israeli contractors stormed the neighborhood this morning, and took engineering measurements of the buildings threatened with demolition, for the second time.

He pointed out that these measures came in preparation for the demolition, after the deadline set by the occupation for the people of the neighborhood to demolish their homes today.

Israeli supreme court recently approved the demolishing of 16 residential buildings that compromising of 100 apartments in the neighborhood. It claimed that the buildings are located near the separation wall which constitutes a security danger.  

The approval of the court gave Israeli occupation authorities a green line to demolish Palestinian houses near the separation wall.   

The court set July 18th, 2019 a deadline for the owners of the buildings to demolish their house by their owns, unless Israeli bulldozers will demolish them and they will bear demolition costs.  

The Wadi al-Homs neighborhood committee reported on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation authorities informed the Jerusalem Electricity Company that it intends to demolish homes in Sur Bahir and that the company must disconnect the electricity lines when they are officially notified of the date of the undeclared demolition.

The residents of the neighborhood continue their protesting activities against the decision of the occupation to demolish 16 residential buildings in the neighborhood, where Friday prayers will be held in the neighborhood, in addition to organizing many events.

Wadi al-Homs is located outside the imaginary line of the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem. The majority of its land is classified as "A" under Palestinian sovereignty according to the Oslo agreement, and some 6,000 people live in the neighborhood, 500 of them are threatened with uprooting.