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IOF shot photojournalist in her flank
The photojournalist Ayat Arqawi
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West Bank, ALRAY - In a non-precedent incident, Israeli occupation forces shot Saturday evening a Palestinian journalist in her flank with a tear gas, many suffocation cases reported among protesters.

Media sources reported that IOF shot the photojournalist Ayat Arqawi working for APA with a tear gas in her flank while she was covering a protest in Manasra neighborhood in Wadi Al-Homs in Bethlehem.

Local sources reported that IOF fired tear gas and stun grenades towards the set-in tents in the area outside the wall near the villages of Dar Salah, Nu'man and Al-Khas east of Bethlehem, causing the injury of journalist Arqawi and several others suffocating.

On Friday, IOF shot the Palestinian journalist Sami Musran with a tear gas directly in his eye, while he was covering the weekly peaceful march of return in Buraij camp east of Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported that Musran is hospitalized in Ashefa hospital and his condition is un-stable.

Israeli occupation forces has attacked more than 174 journalists since the beginning of 2019.