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Arab delegation of journalists to Israel next week
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - A delegation of journalists and activists from several Arab countries is to pay a normalization visit to Israel, democratic press gathering condemned the move.

The gathering praised in a statement the Palestinian united stance that refused to deal with the dubious projects, headed by the deal of the century.

The gathering considered such visits a violation to the norms of the General Federation of Arab Journalists that incriminate all types of normalizing with Israeli occupation.

The gathering calls on the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, General Federation of Arab Journalists, and all Arab unions to reject these visits.

The statement noted that such visits are considered a free normalization with Israeli occupation, which continues its crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people and the right of journalists.

Hebrew media sources reported that a press delegation consists of six journalists from Suadi Arabis , Iraq and Jordan is to visit Israel this week and will meet Netanyahu and Israeli officials.

Kan Hebrew media revealed Sunday that delegations from Arab and Gulf countries will visit Israel in the few next days at the invitation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tel Aviv.