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Israeli court sentences Palestinian prisoner for life imprisonment
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli military court of Ofar sentenced Monday morning the Palestinian prisoner Islam Abu Humaid to life imprisonment after charging him with killing an Israeli soldier.

The prisoner Islam Abu Humaid , from Ama'ree camp, in Ramallah, is accused of killing an Israeli soldier of the undercover unit "Dovdovan" last year by marble panel.

Walla Hebrew site reported that the court sentenced Abu Humaid to life imprisonment and fined him an amount of NIS 258.000.

The court also sentenced him to eight months for interrupting judicial proceedings.

On 26 May 2018, the Israeli army announced the death of one of its soldiers two days after being hit in his head with a piece of marble that was thrown on him during a military incursion into the Amari camp in Ramallah.