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Hamas: Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem is ‘serious escalation’
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israel’s demolition of dozens of residential buildings in occupied Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Sur Baher is serious escalation, Hamas Islamic Movement stated.


Hamas official Sami Abu Zohry took to Twitter on Monday to confirm that the Palestinian people will not surrender to these crimes.


He stressed that the Israeli crime of demolishing Palestinian homes is a normal outcome of the Bahrain US-led economic workshop and the intimate relationship between some of the Arab governments and the Israeli occupation.


Abu Zohry added that those governments must feel ashamed for such crimes.


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) commenced on early Monday morning wide-scale demolitions of Palestinian residential buildings in in the Wadi al-Homs neighborhood in the town of Sur Baher, south of occupied Jerusalem, at the pretext of imposing danger on the lives of Israeli soldiers and settlers.