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Al-Qassam: ‘Real chance’ to resolve issue of Israeli captives in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, affirmed that there is a real chance to resolve the issue of the Israeli captives and missing persons in Gaza if the leadership of the enemy is serious in opening and advancing this file and paying the natural price through the clear path that led to the resolution of similar issues in the past.


Spokesman for the brigades Abu Obeida warned in video-recorded speech on Tuesday evening that the file of the Israeli captives and missing persons could be forgotten and completely closed for reasons that the enemy knows well.


“We say to all those concerned, take the case of Ron Arad as a lesson to learn from, since we have no guarantees that this issue could be discussed again in case the leadership of the occupation missed these chances,” Abu Obeida said.


Abu Obeida stressed that the leadership of the enemy justifies its ignorance for the issue of the captives and missing persons for being remains, saying that if this assumption was right, so why did not they pursue the dream of their families of getting back their remains.


Abu Obeida made clear that the leadership of the enemy avoids facing the truth and paying the price, and it pays no attention to the suffering of its people and its soldiers’ families.


“You should ask Benjamin Netanyahu, Moshe Ya'alon and Benny Gantz where they left your sons and how they ignored them. You should Ask Rafi Peretz, the army's chief rabbi, how he misleads you with certain information for cheap political purposes," Abu Obeida said.


“The occupation government has practiced misleading and lying in the issue of the captives and missing persons in Gaza,” al-Qassam’s spokesman added.


He pointed out that the case of the Ethiopian-Israeli captive Mengistu is a great indicator for the procrastination and ignoring made by the occupation government regarding the captives and missing persons’ issue, noting that Mengistu’s case was never introduced by his government before the mediators who has intervened for years in the issue of the Israeli captives in Gaza.


He stated that the leadership of the enemy didn’t ask whether Mengistu is alive or dead, saying that this governmet differentiates between its people on ethnic and sectarian basis and clearly practices racial discrimination, even in human dimension issues.