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Hamas refuses any procedures that may harm Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
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Lebanon, ALRAY - The Islamic movement of Hamas expressed its flat refusal to any procedure that may affect the interests and rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, stressing the importance of canceling any action or law that harms and restricts their human and social rights.

Hamas warned in a statement Sunday evening that the popular movements will escalate and will use new methods,  if the situation of injustice and discrimination persists.

It stressed the need for the Minister of Labor to retreat from his decisions, and to move the issue to the Lebanese government, demanding the abolition of work leave, and deal with the Palestinians as refugees, not as a foreigners.

It praised the popular events in the refugees camps, that seek to lift injustice and demand their rights.

It called for unifying the efforts of all popular and youth movements, enhancing understanding and cooperation on the basis of rejecting the actions of the Minister of Labor, taking the interests of refugees and the decent life of the people into consideration.

It stressed in the statement the Palestinians right of return , refusing to plunge  Palestinian popular movements into Lebanese internal problems.  

It stressed the unified political and legal stance of Palestinian factions, and the unified decisions of the Joint Labor Commission and popular committees that defend the interests and the rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities have recently imposed many restrictions on Palestinian refugees under the pretext of fighting foreign labor. The Lebanese law prohibits Palestinian refugees from practicing more than 70 trades and occupations, as well as imposing conditions for obtaining work permit