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IOF summons three-year-old Palestinian boy to interrogation
The child Mohammed Alian,3,
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Contradicting all international norms, Israeli occupation authorities summoned Monday a three-year-old Palestinian boy for interrogation in occupied Jerusalem.

The commission of Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs reported that the IOF handed the family of the child Mohammed Alian,3, from Issaweyia town in occupied Jerusalem a summon to appear before Israeli police station for interrogation.  

IOF claimed that Alian threw stones towards Israeli vehicle during an incursion to the town. IOF chased the child and handed his family  a summon to bring him for interrogation in the police station.   

Qadree Abu Baker, the head of the commission denounced summoning a three-year-old child by Israeli forces, stressing that it’s a crime against Palestinian children.

He said that Palestinian childhood faces continued threat by Israeli occupation forces that turns cold shoulders to international law and to the Convention on the Rights of child.

He noted that IOF accelerated its attacks against the  Jerusalemites recently, it's noticed that Israeli forces targeted Jerusalemite children systemically , from the any gender or age, aiming to  destroy the future of Palestinian children and youths.   

The Jerusalemite  Rabi 'Alian astonished with Israeli police presence to his house and handing him a summon for his children, accusing him of throwing stones towards Israeli forces.

He said that his son will be the youngest children that subjected to interrogation.

Meanwhile Israeli court ordered Tuesday the release of the girl Naghm Alian ,16, under the condition of home arrest for five days, a fine of NIS 1000, and signing a third party guarantee worth NIS 5,000.

The girl was arrested Monday at dawn from her family house in Issaweyia town, without presenting arrest warrant.

Israeli intelligence accused her of incitement, participation in riots, and giving information to young people during their participation in the confrontations.

She said that the interrogator shouted at her and insulted her during the interrogation in section 4 in Al-Muskubiya to the west of Jerusalem; the interrogator threw the chair at her and spit on her, deliberately placing her handcuffs in her hands.

She added that the interrogator banned her from sitting down for more than an hour and a half, and deprived her from eating and drinking since her arrest, they also seized her cell phone.

IOF also released the youth Fadee Obaid and the minor Waseem Obaid from Issaweya town under no conditions.

Fadee Obaid sustained burns and bruises in his back as Israeli occupation forces fired a stun grenade towards him and sprayed pepper gas towards his family, beating him severely before being arrest.

Magistrate Court west of Jerusalem sentenced the youth Mohammed E'tah for three months and ten days and fined him an amount of NIS 4000.

It also extended the sentence of Majed Daree to Tuesday, and the two youths Anas and Mohammed  Alian to Wednesday.