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IOF commits 74 violations against Palestinian journalists in July
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces committed 74 violations against Palestinian Journalists in July, while Palestinian authority committed 18 violations, Government Media Office based in Gaza reported Sunday.

The office explained in its monthly report that the IOF violations includes attacks, arrests, incursions, humiliations, breaking and confiscation of equipment, and the prevention of coverage and eviction while Palestinian authority committed 18 violations.

The report noted that Israeli occupation authorities follow the pages of Palestinian journalists, banning and blocking their pages under fake reasons.

The report explained that Israeli occupation authorities arrested, summoned and expelled seven Palestinian journalists in July, it also extended the arrest of four journalists.

It also documented 17 injuries among Palestinian journalists in Gaza strip and West Bank. Eight Palestinian journalists sustained injuries during covering the peaceful Return Marches along Gaza east  border. While nine Palestinian journalists injured while covering Israeli raids and demolishing of Palestinian houses in Sur Baher and Wadi Hummus towns in occupied Jerusalem.

The report documented three cases of Israeli raids to houses of Palestinian journalists and ransacking them before arresting the journalists in occupied West Bank, IOF also raided a printing shop and seizing the equipment.  

IOF banned five Palestinian journalists from covering the sweeping and demolishing process in occupied Jerusalem and Hebron, it seized the press cards of two journalists and imposed a fine on one Palestinian journalists.

It also documented banning one Palestinian journalists from travel and two cases of harassment inside the prisons of the occupation, in addition to medical negligence and cruel and degrading treatment of journalists prisoners, causing them to suffer serious diseases such as the journalist prisoner Bassam Sayeh.

It documented 31 cases of deleting personal pages and accounts of Palestinian journalists, as well as temporary ban of some pages and preventing the publishing of posts under fake pretext.

On the other hand the report documented 18 violations committed by Palestinian authorities against Palestinian journalists. It arrested one journalist , extended the arrest of three others, and postponed the trial of three journalists.

PA imposed a fine on two journalists after raiding their houses and a printed house. They seized the equipment in the printed house.

It documented one attack against the journalists Wajdee Khatar , the director of Al-Masader site, by anonymous men. The director of Bethlehem radio, Jorj Qanawatee was threatened by burning the building of the radio and killing after publishing a news regarding one of Palestinian businessmen.