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IPS agreed to return detainees to Ofra prison
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian prisoners in Ofra prison announced Wednesday evening reaching an agreement with Israeli Prison Services, that stated to return the prisoners to Ofra.

Following a meeting lasted for more than an hour, prisoners announced an agreement that stated to return the prisoners who moved to Hasharon, Hadareem, and Jalnou' prions , to return them to Ofra prisons, except six detainees will be moved to Negev prison until returning them to Ofra.

Detainees club explained that the detainees informed the IPS that they will close the sections on Friday and on Eid al-Adha, in order to ensure the implementation of what was agreed upon, and to restore the conditions inside the prison to what it was before the repression.

The IOS forces of Matsada raided sections 19 and 20 in Ofra prison on August 4,2019, the sections of Palestinian minor detainees, and beat them cruelty. The force fired tear gas towards the minor detainees, handcuffed them, and moved them to other prisons.

In response Palestinian detainees follow protesting steps like returning meals and closing the sections in protest against moving the minor detainees.

Six Palestinian detainees announced a hunger strike against moving them from Ofra prisons to another.


It is noteworthy that the aim of the crackdown on prisoners of "Ofer" was to target the initiative of prisoners "Ofer" and the Negev "to rebuild a unified organizational body for Fatah movement inside the prisons, and not as the administration claimed that the crackdown came on the background of the prisoners' attempt to bring phones to the prison