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220 minor Palestinian detainees are deprived of enrolling in schools as being detained in Israeli jails
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West Bank, ALRAY -  By the beginning of the new academic year that started on Sunday in all provinces of the occupied Palestine, about 220 Palestinian detainees of children are deprived of enrolling in schools, director of detainees’ center for studies, Raaft Hamdonah stated Sunday.  

Hamdonah explained in a statement that Israeli occupation authorities committed dozens of violations against Palestinian detainees of children. Israeli prison services committed abuses such as psychological and physical torture. It exploits the child's body weak structure, focusing on torture, threating, abusing and sometimes intimidation by dogs. It uses illegal means such as deception and false promises, cruel treatment, military deterrence trials, unfair laws, fines, solitary confinement, and detains them  in places unworthy of their age.

He called on the human rights organization to follow up conditions of the minor detainees in Israeli jails, forcing IPS to release them in order to practice their normal lives and enroll in schools.

Depriving the minor detainees from receiving education is a blatant violation of their basic rights that are guaranteed under international and human right law.