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Netanyahu approves more settlement units in Dolev settlement in WB
Netanyahu approves more settlement units in Dolev settlement in WB
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 West Bank, ALRAY - Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his instructions to Planning committee to approve the constructing hundreds of settlement units in Dolev settlement that established on Palestinian lands west of Ramallah, Hebrew channel 7 reported Monday.

The channel explained that the plane is to build new neighborhood in the settlement that includes 300 settlement unite, noting that Netanyahu is determined to peruse settlement construction.

 Netanyahu, whose army and intelligence services failed to deter the resistance actions against Israelis in West Bank, responded by increasing the settlement constructions.

Netanyahu uses settlement construction as policy to gain more votes in the elections that will take palce next month.

Last Friday an Israeli soldier killed and two injured by an exploded device that planted near a spring used as a swimming pool in the town of Deir Ezzig, west of Ramallah, where the settlers try to take over the place.


Dolev was established in 1983, by five families who moved to the site on the festival of Sukkot. It is named for nearby Nahal Dolev where dolev trees grow.  According to ARIJ, the land was confiscated from three Palestinian villages; 867 dunams (0.867 km²) from Al-Janiya, 157 dunams (0.157 km²) from Ein Qiniya, and 22 dunam (0.022 km²) from Deir Ibzi. The Dolev settlers also confiscated the spring Ein Bubin from Deir Ibzi, and use it for their own irrigation projects