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Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 29, 2019)
Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 29, 2019)
Alray International Media Watch
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Alray International Media Watch section is a daily press tour through selected international websites and newspapers, particularly the Israeli ones.

This section is prepared by Alray Palestinian Media Agency to update its viewers with the most Palestinian top news in the international press.

Yedioth Ahronoth:

Air raid sirens warning of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip sounded Wednesday night at the Netiv Ha'Asara community that borders the northern section of the Hamas-run enclave. Further details


The Lebanese army opened fired on at least one Israeli drone in the skies over southern Lebanon, two security sources said in the country said. Further details


The United States will not be releasing any or all of its plan for Middle East peace before the September 17 elections in Israel, Donald Trump's special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, said Wednesday. Further details


At least 327 people received treatment from mental health services across communities bordering the Gaza Strip this summer due to post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the surge in border violence. Further details


Hezbollah will retaliate against Israel after drones crashed in Beirut's suburbs, but a new war between the old enemies remains unlikely, the Iran-backed movement's deputy leader has said. Further details


Hamas security forces have moved in to begin arresting people associated with Islamic State and other radical Islamist factions in Gaza after at least three Palestinian police officers were killed in two mysterious bombings in the enclave, Palestinian sources said Wednesday. Further details


The Jerusalem Post:

On his way to becoming a judo world champion, Sagi Muki encountered Egyptian judoka Mohamed Abdelaal in the semi-finals, who refused to shake Muki's hand at the end of the match. Further details


Blue and White leader Benny Gantz’s phone was hacked by Russian hackers several months after Iranians hacked into the phone, Channel 12 reported on Wednesday. Further details


he UN Security Council is expected to vote Thursday on renewing the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in Lebanon. Further details


The Islamic regime in Qatar went silent this week about whether Israelis can visit the Gulf state to view the 2022 FIFA World Cup, triggering questions about whether Doha is in compliance with the soccer federation’s ethical code. Further details


Hamas confirmed on Wednesday evening that suicide bombers killed three policemen in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Further details


The political chapter of the Trump administration’s peace plan will not be released before the elections in Israel on September 17, special envoy Jason Greenblatt tweeted Wednesday. Further details


Most Americans disagreed with President Donald Trump’s assertion last week that Jewish Americans that vote for Democrats are “disloyal” to the State of Israel, according to a new poll by Morning Consult and Politico. Further details


The Likud party intends to convene the Knesset in a special session next week to pass a bill that would enable the party to use cameras in polling stations, party officials said on Tuesday. Further details


Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon sent two letters to the United Nations this week requesting immediate action against those who are attacking “Israel”. Further details


uring meetings in Cairo with representatives of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Egypt warned that it will stop sponsoring any ceasefire agreement between the “terror groups” and Israel if Hamas does not stop rocket fire against “Israel”, according to Al Arabiya. Further details


The Times of Israel:

Blue and White Party leader MK Benny Gantz on Thursday rejected a television news report of a massive Russian hack of phones and computers belonging to himself and top campaign officials, suggesting it was just spin by political rivals. Further details


“Israel” and the United States are pushing for the United Nations to increase the scope of action for peacekeepers in Lebanon, saying they are being rendered practically useless by the Hezbollah “terror group”, as the world body meets to extend the mandate of the mission. Further details


The Lebanese military said it opened fire on three Israeli drones that entered the country’s airspace on Wednesday night, prompting the aircraft to return to Israeli territory. Further details


Palestinian “terrorists” in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket toward southern “Israel” on Wednesday night, the army said, prompting a retaliatory Israeli raid. Further details


Palestinian “terrorists” fired four mortar shells at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, with one of them landing inside Israeli territory, the army said. Further details


Egypt has warned Hamas it will stop mediating truce negotiations with “Israel” if the Palestinian “terror group” does not put a lid on rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the Al-Arabiya news site reported Tuesday. Further details


The Hamas “terror group” on Thursday said it had captured the cell responsible for carrying out suicide bombing attacks that killed three policeman in the Gaza Strip earlier this week. Further details


Gaza’s Hamas rulers said Wednesday they had identified the two suicide bombers that killed three Hamas police officers in attacks in the Strip overnight, placing the Palestinian enclave in a state of alert. Further details


Hamas has declared a state of emergency and on Wednesday morning began arresting supporters of Islamic State and other Salafist organizations in the Gaza Strip en masse, hours after three policemen were killed in a series of blasts in the coastal enclave, according to Palestinian reports. Further details


Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez will travel to Israel on Friday to inaugurate a “diplomatic office” in Jerusalem, recognizing the holy city as Israel’s capital. Further details


Twenty-five former Israeli senior security and defense officials thanked the US Congress for passing legislation that endorsed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while rejecting efforts to boycott the Jewish state. Further details