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IPS deprives Palestinian child detainees from receiving education in jails
IPS deprives Palestinian child detainees from receiving education in jails
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West Bank, ALRAY - Adding on depriving 220 Palestinian children from freedom and education, Israeli prison services deprived them from continuing their education inside their jails.

The activist Minqeth Abu Atwan said that the Palestinian children who are detained in Israeli jails continue their education after being released, thus they lose the years that they spent in Israeli jail.

He explained that there is an absence of real and regular educational care in Israeli jails in addition there is no coordination between the detainees and the ministry of education regarding the educational status of Palestinian children detainee in the pre-secondary stage, excepting the co-ordination for those who have reached secondary school for general examinations while in prison.

He noted that those children detainees receive some educational lessons by those who are bigger, but they are not related to the Curriculum in Palestinian Schools.

He added that those children are subjected to two types of targeting, which children, the first of Israeli intelligence services seeks to make large number of them spies  for them by using intimidation, and the second is Israeli prison services  which practiced cruelty in order to destroy their morale, to get them broken and defeated, creating a shattered generation.

The psychological and social specialist Mahmoud Amr pointed out that the IPS isolates child prisoners in sections alone, and put them with a limited number of adult prisoners to manage their affairs.

He added that IPS have transformed the large detention centers and open sections into specific and closed prisons, holding prisoners inside rooms, limiting the ability of detained teachers to educate children.

He pointed out that the child after being released from Israeli jails, he will be behind his peers and thus face difficulty in resuming his education.

He stressed the importance of role of international human rights organizations to stop Israeli violations of Human Rights, noting that there are 22 international articles that protects children rights especially the right of education that many Palestinian child detainees deprived in Israeli jails.

He also noted that the libraries inside the prisons include old books and some copies of the old curricula, except for a few of copies of the new curricula, which the prisoners can obtain.

It is worth mentioning that the nature of the new Israeli procedures in the prisons prevents the arrangement of the educational status of child prisoners, not to mention the great complications faced by the prisoners in progressing to high school, which differed from previous times.