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Palestinian prisoner al-Sayeh dies in Israeli prisons of medical negligence
Palestinian prisoner al-Sayeh dies in Israeli prisons of medical negligence
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - Asra Media Office has announced that Palestinian cancer patient prisoner Bassam al-Sayeh, 47, died on Sunday evening in an Israeli medical center, after being subjected to deliberate medical negligence in Israeli prisons.

The Commission of Detainees Affairs said that Al-Sayeh has long suffered from bone cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic myocardial insufficiency, acute and chronic lung inflammation, as well as he suffered from other health problems.

Al-Sayeh, who is a resident of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, was detained by the IOF on October, 8 2015 on suspicion of being participated in an alleged shooting attack in the town of Beit Furik.

The commission added that the death of prisoner Bassam al-Sayeh brings the number of martyrs of the Palestinian Captive Movement to 221 since 1967.

It has held the Israeli occupation responsible for its racist crimes against Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails which include practicing psychological and physical torture as well as deliberate medical negligence.

In the same context, Hamas’s leader Ismail Haniyeh held the Israeli occupation fully acountable for the death of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli prison earlier on Sunday.

It’s noteworthy that there have been about 6000 Palestinian prisoners, including 350 prisoners from Gaza are incarcerated in Israeli jails amid very difficult detention conditions. 700 of them suffers from extremely deteriorated health conditions, including 160 prisoners who need excessive medical attention.