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Al-Emadi, my remarks are misused
  • Gaza News
  • 08:09 12 September 2019
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Gaza, ALRAY - The recent remarks regarding the deteriorated economic conditions of Gaza strip were misunderstood and misused, Qatari ambassador to Gaza Strip Mohammed Al-Emadi explained.

El-Emadi noted in an explanatory statement that there is a near complete collapse in all sectors and at all levels in the Gaza Strip.

He explained that Gaza Strip is on a cliff of an explosion that no one knows its impacts. " people of Gaza has nothing to lose,' he said. He stressed the need to unify efforts to ease the harsh life conditions in Gaza, noting that he neither aimed to  criticize any party nor underestimating the role of anyone in alleviating the suffering of the people or undermine the credibility of the Palestinian resistance factions and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

He stressed that the stance of Qatar would not be changed, and it will keep supporting the Palestinian cause in the international forums. He said that Qatar works with all parties and UN institutions to improve the life conditions of the people in Gaza, and to prevent the collapse of the governmental institutions which will have dangerous consequences on the people.  

He pointed out that there is a need for more cooperation from Palestinian, Egyptian and Israeli sides to imply the recent understandings. Palestinian citizen bears the burdens of taxes and its impacts.

 "I declared that taxes are spent on operating expenses and governance in Gaza. On the other hand, it is paid as multiple expenses for delivering and securing goods and raw materials to the Gaza Strip until the Rafah Crossing. The citizen should feel that all living needs are provided less costly to support his resilience in the face of the siege and any regional deals to settle the Palestinian issue," he said.

Regarding the ceasefire in Gaza, the Qatari ambassador pointed out that the goal is to provide an opportunity to the international efforts to work in Gaza and increase humanitarian projects that serve the citizen, refusing to sign any solution without the agree of the Palestinian authority.