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Netanyahu plans to annex 75% of area C if re-elected
Netanyahu plans to annex 75% of area C if re-elected
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli prime minister planned to annex 75% of C area lands that are under the control of Israeli occupation authorities, the weekly settlement report, prepared by the PLO's National Office for the Defense of Land and Resistance, stated Sunday.

Parading his policy, Netanyahu provoked Palestinians feelings by announcing, in a press conference, his government intended to impose Israeli sovereignty over Palestinian Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea, covering 22% of area C in case of winning elections.  

Betting on an additional free gift from the US administration to help him win the election like the previous gifts, recognizing occupied Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and the Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, Netanyahu declared the objection of evicting 80.000 settlers from settlements located out the settlement's blocks, stressing that there will not be any disengagement plans.

The report noted that Netanyahu pointed out in his election campaign speech that Israel relationship with Trump's administration lean on a totally different political base.  

Netanyahu said that they are preparing the political arena to accept imposing the Israeli sovereignty over the settlements in and out the settlement blocks including that are  located in the Jordan valley, hinting to  US recognition of occupied Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, its sovereignty of Golan Heights , and the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

The report stated that Netanyahu was to announce Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan valley and northern Dead Sea in his speech, but he changed the speech to announce the step as a part of his policy in case he is re-elected as a prime minister.