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100 Palestinian prisoners start open-ended hunger strike in Israeli jails
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Gaza, ALRAY - Asra Media Office stated Monday morning that at least 100 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have embarked on an open-ended hunger strike.


The office pointed out that about 100 Palestinian prisoners held in several Israeli jails started on Monday morning an open-ended hunger strike in a protest against the lack of commitment by the Israeli authorities to implement what had been agreed upon of removing the cancer-causing jamming devices.


The situation in Israeli jails is witnessing a great tension and moves toward more escalation with the IPS in light of the increased number of the hunger strikers rejecting the jamming devices which cause cancer.


It is noteworthy that the Israeli authorities is procrastinating the implementation of what was agreed on during the Dignity Strike which took place in last April and tries evading it, which pushes the prisoners to move toward escalation to access their rights.