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140 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on hunger strike for 9th day
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Gaza, ALRAY - Asra Media Office stated that 140 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails continue their open-ended hunger strike.


The office pointed out on Wednesday morning that the prisoners are continuing their open-ended hunger strike against the installation of the cancer-causing jamming devices in the prisons’ cells for the ninth day in a row.


It said that the IPS keeps its position of rejection to meet with the demands made by the prisoners, which include removing the cancer-causing jamming devices installed in the prisons, installing payphones inside prisons, as well as ending the punitive measures imposed against the hunger striking prisoners since last Tuesday.


The office added that Palestinian prisoners, specifically those held in Raymond prison, launched a mass open-ended hunger strike on September 9, after the IPS had denied the agreement made with the prisoners in last April, which included the removal of the electronic jamming devices and the installation of the payphones inside the prisons.


The office noted that after denying the agreement, the prisoners held several negotiating sessions with the IPS to meet their demands, but they were all of no avail.


It’s noteworthy that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails launched a mass open-ended hunger strike in last April which was ended after reaching an agreement with the IPS to meet their mentioned demands.