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UN Security Council has not to accept everything by Israel: Erdogan
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Gaza, ALRAY - The UN Security Council has not to accept everything uttered by Israel, and to reject what it wants when necessary, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan stated to media Saturday a head of going to New York to attend UN General Assembly

He explained his statement that the world is bigger than five, The five permanent members of the Security Council, that this slogan should be a prerequisite for all humanity and members of the UN General Assembly, not just Turkey.

"The UN Security Council has been unable to solve the problem caused by Israel since 1948 until today, and the latter rejects UN resolutions," he added.

"When Israel utters a word, it should not be accepted by the UN Security Council, and all the five permanent members should reject it when necessary." He said.

He pointed out that there are 196 Member States of the United Nations at the moment, and the decisions are confined between the lips of five countries, while the remaining 191 States are waiting for what will be spoken by those five countries.

He noted that despite the ability of the Security council to solve many problems around the world, thus it does not, such as the problems in Syria, Palestine, Jerusalem, Arakan region, Kashmir.