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Israel was on edge of carrying out military operation against Gaza
  • Gaza News
  • 10:09 25 September 2019
Israel was on edge of carrying out military operation against Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Then Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu was planning to carry out a military operation against Gaza similar to the Operation Pillar of Defense, following firing rockets from Gaza towards Ashdod while Netanyahu was delivering a speech in an election campaign, Maareef newspaper reported.

The paper explained that Netanyahu was preparing for a military operation against Gaza in response to the firing rockets that landed in Ashdod forcing him to drag out from the speech.

It added that the operation was planned to be similar to the Pillar of Defense, in which it assassinated Ahmad al-Ja'bari, Commander-in-Chief of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas in 2012.

The newspaper pointed out that the process proposed by Netanyahu comes within the army's rolling options to deal with events in the Gaza Strip, where Netanyahu ultimately refrained from carrying out after the objection of Israeli security services and the Judicial Adviser.

It went on saying that the military operation, refused to give more details about it, would have triggered heavy rocket fire into Israeli areas, including Tel Aviv area, and thus would have lead to  a ground military operation that could be prolonged as elections approach.