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Israel commits 92 violations against journalists
Israel commits 92 violations against journalists
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities committed 92 violations against Palestinian journalists during last September, Committee to Support Journalists Tuesday.

The committee said in the report that IOF persists committing violations against journalists. It fired live bullet and teargas against them, deprive them of travel, beating them and using several types of violence or humiliation and degrading treatment.

It also detained the journalists, and bans them from covering events.   

They also raided their homes and confiscated their press tools, in addition to the increasing campaigns of closure, blocking and deleting the pages and websites of journalists and media workers, under false pretexts, which come under pressure from the occupation on social media administrations to pursue the Palestinian content.

The committee accused IOF of using violent methods to prevent journalists from covering the weekly demonstrations.

The report explained that IOF shot seven journalists last Sep. three of them in Gaza during covering marches of return and four in West Bank.

It also detained two journalists in West Bank.

It also postponed the trial of four journalists, Darine Al-Tator, Woodad Barghouti, and Mays Abu Ghosh.

In addition, the report documented one case of banning from travel against the journalist Majdouloun Hassouna, who is held and interrogated for six hours.

They raided and searched a house belonging to Palestinian journalist Widad Barghouti in Ramallah, and fined her an amount of money before leaving the site.

The report stressed that because of the publications of journalists and activists on social networking sites, the administration of "Facebook", under pressure of Israeli occupation, deleted, banned, closed and banned publications, pages and sites of more than 74 media, journalists and activists on the new media.