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Greenblatt resigns from his office in White House
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Gaza, ALRAY - US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt revealed Wednesday the reasons stand behind his decision to leave office and cutting down US funds to UNRWA.

Greenblatt is to leave his office in White House in next few weeks, amid ambiguity regarding the reasons for postponing announcing the political part of the so-called "deal of the century".

" announcing my resignation is not a sudden, I was along with my family studying the registration," Greenblatt said, adding that he was intending to leave office two years ago.   

"One of my primary responsibilities was to study the conflict and come up with a vision for my co-workers, to change the way we dealt with the conflict, which was a high priority for us and also to ensure that Israel and the Arab world were brought together, something that was hard to imagine a year and a half ago. We have studied the conflict and completed our vision of peace," he said.  I think it is the time to leave the office.  

The explained the reason for cutting down the funds to UNRWA as saying that it is a failed system that prolongs the dire situation of Palestinians living in refugee camps and offers them no future.

He described the decisions to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that followed moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Israel sovereignty on Golan heights as correct ones, since recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel based on the decision to move the embassy, a law in the United States since 1995.    

He noted that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and the Golan decision was a fundamental decision for Israel's security, and has nothing to do with the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that the closure of the PLO office was based on a law issued when President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to bring Israel to the International Criminal Court.

Greenblatt did not specify a date for announcing the political part of the US peace plan known as the "deal of the century", saying only that it will be put forward when the time comes, and that there is a chance for the success of the deal.