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Abbas insists on carrying out elections
Abbas insists on carrying out elections
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Ramallah, ALRAY - Palestinian Authority insisted on carrying out elections in West Bank, Gaza, and occupied Jerusalem, president of PA Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday.

Abbas announced, in his speech during a meet at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah for the Executive Committee of the PLO and the Central Committee of Fatah movement, forming two committees of the executive and central committees to follow up the election file.

He noted that any step by Israel to annex the Jordan valley and dead sea will change the situation and any agreement between PA and Israel will be considered void.

Regarding the salaries of Palestinian martyrs and detainees, Abbas said that the stance of PA regarding the issue of martyrs and detainees is firm and will not be changed, neither the PA will retreat nor it will accept, under any conditions, any financial treatment between us.

He thanked the governmental employees, in his speech, for their patient and endured such a long period without receiving their full salaries.

Abbas paid tribute to the European Union and the European Parliament, which recently took a stand on UNRWA.

"We was feared that the forces that refused to pay UNRWA would overcome, but the European people and EU delegates proved their authenticity and rejected any reduction of UNRWA funds and continued their support," he said.