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Israeli involves in Dawabsha arson attack, enrolls in Israeli army
Israeli involves in Dawabsha arson attack, enrolls in Israeli army
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West Bank, ALRAY - One of Israelis, involved in the arson attack against the Palestinian family Dawabsha in Duma village southern Nablus in 2015, started the first step of enrolling in Israeli army, Ynet reported Thursday.

The paper reported that the settler A, whose indictment was changed five months ago, after a deal with the prosecution, recently entered a phase of rehabilitation and incorporating into the military and physical preparation that would allow him to be recruited into the army.

His enrollment took place under the approval the Alod court, despite his conviction of affiliating to terrorist organization remains a controversial issue.

She pointed out that it is expected to reach a decision on it, within a short period, in light of controversial between the prosecution and judges.

According to the report, the indictment against the settler was changed from involvement in the crime, to charges of planning to commit a racially motivated crime away  from the burning and killing of the family.

The Walla News website reported on May 12 that the Israeli prosecution had reached a plea bargain with the attorney of the accused settler, that stating to drop the charge of murder and charging him with just a conspiracy to carry out a crime.

The site reported quoted the Israeli prosecution as saying that the commutation of the accused settler came in light of the difficulties in proving his intention to kill him.

Walla pointed out that the maximum sentence in this case will not exceed five years in prison, and is expected to be sentenced to a much shorter imprisonment.

The Israeli occupation court decided to release the settler in July last year and put him under house arrest.

It is noteworthy that a group of settlers from the Jewish gangs of "paying the price" burned the house of Dawabsheh family in the village of Douma, south of Nablus, on 31 July 2015, which led to the death of the infant Ali Dawabsheh and was immediately followed by his parents, Saad and Reham. The child Ahmed survived.