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Abundant olive season and heavy loses of Israeli settlers attacks
Abundant olive season and heavy loses of Israeli settlers attacks
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West Bank, ALRAY - The continued Israeli settlers' attacks against Palestinians' olive trees, threatens Olive harvest season with heavy losses, National Office for the Defense of Land and Resistance of Settlements reported.

The office reported in the weekly report that settlers uses settlements units as bases to launch their attacks against Palestinians olive trees, protecting by Israeli occupation police.

Olive harvest season constitutes an important season for Palestinians, since it is a source of income for 100,000 Palestinian families.

The report said that about 10 million olive trees are planted on an estimated area of 47% of agriculture lands in occupied West Bank.

This sector provides works opportunities for a large number of workers, production value of olive sector including oil, olives, pickled olives and soap, an average of $ 200 million in good years of production.

It stressed that settlement units impose restrictions on Palestinian access to their lands. About 90 Palestinian community own lands inside 56 settlements or near it, thus they could not reach their lands unless they gain an access permission to cross the deployed military gates or barriers.

It added that the apartheid wall constitutes a main barrier that separated Palestinian communities away from their agriculture lands. About 30% of olive trees planted behind the wall in C area, so that Palestinian farmers do not pick their crops causing heavy losses to Palestinian economic estimated to 45 million dollars.   

Despite the great expectation of an abundant production of olive oil this year, the attacks of the Israeli occupation forces and settlers on the olive trees, arouse farmers' concerns.

The northern valleys uprooting hundreds of fruit trees in the areas of Bardala and Umm al-Kabish raised the fears of farmers and landowners. During the last two years about 1090 olive trees in the Jordan valley were uprooted

A total of 5,582 trees were damaged in 2017 comparing to 1,652 olive trees in the previous year and about 9,200 olive trees in various West Bank governorates in 2018.