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International silence is blank mandate to Israel: Al-Ghanim
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Belgrad, ALRAY - Marzouq al-Ghanim speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly stressed Monday that the neutrality and silence on the crimes of the Israeli occupation is a blank mandate to Israel to go on its policy.  

Al-Ghanim's remarks is part of his speech before the 141 General Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference currently being held in Belgrade under the title "The Role of Parliaments in Promoting International Law and Contributing to Regional Cooperation". 

The international silence International silence exacerbates despair and kills hope for the people of the region, especially the Palestinian people, and this can lead to a human explosion," he said.

Israeli occupation resembles the blatant and obvious example of violation of international law. It is the oldest and continued occupation; it is the most violating occupation to international law, global agreement and every religious or status bill.  So that this violation is old, chronic, continuous, and systematic, he said.

He said that if there is someone who claims that he does not support Israel , is not in line with his steps and does not encourage it to continue repression and arrogance, I tell him that Israel does not move with the  support of few countries, but it well aware that the rest countries are helpless.

He stressed that silence is not neutrality, but is a blank mandate to Israel to work accordingly.

Israel is the sole entity in the world that all human right organizations, peace activists, all the environmentalists and all those who promise to coexist agreed on as a blatant example of human rights violations, he said.

He went on saying that two years ago we gathered here after US recognition of occupied Jerusalem as a capital of Israel without taking any steps, and again we gather today after Netanyahu announcement of his intention to annex the Jordan valley.

"So, what will international community do?" he concluded.