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Israel to participate in Bahrain conference
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Gaza, ALRAY - An Israeli delegation is to participate in a defense conference against Iranian attacks on naval vessels in the Gulf, Hebrew channel 13 revealed Saturday evening.

The channel quoted European diplomatic as saying that the conference discusses defending Gulf states against Iranian attacks on naval vessels in the Gulf.   

The conference is a complement of Warsaw Conference held in last February, where dozens of countries, including "Israel" and the Gulf States participated.

It pointed out that the conference will last for two days, and will discuss the freedom of maritime navigation in the Gulf and the fight against the smuggling of weapons and equipment of mass destruction, in addition to the protection of civil aviation.

the conference comes at the initiative of the administration of US President Donald Trump, and will participate representatives of dozens of countries, including Gulf states that do not have diplomatic relations with "Israel."

Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Israel will participate in a conference of the Warsaw Conference.