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Israel seeks to distorting Palestinian identity by replacing the Palestinian curriculum
Israel seeks to distorting Palestinian identity by replacing the Palestinian curriculum
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - 100,000 Palestinian students in occupied Jerusalem are threatened of losing the Palestinian identity by replacing the Palestinian curriculum with Israeli curriculum, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Basri Sale.  

Saleh stressed in his word, before the 29th meeting of the Council of Education for the Children of Palestine in its 81st session, and the officials in charge of education in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which started on Sunday in Cairo, that occupied Jerusalem needs exerted efforts to win the Palestinian cause.  .

He explained that Israeli occupation targeted Palestinian schools, students, and teachers by arresting and killing, not only in C areas but in all Palestinian territories.

He stressed that Palestinian government puts Gaza on top of its educational priorities, despite the political division.  

He called for paying additional efforts to persist the existence of UNRWA, which persists the Palestinian refugees cause, noting that protecting the existence of UNRWA ,  supporting it and providing all means of survival will lead to positive results.  

He pointed out that the meeting is a message to  raise the importance of keeping   "UNRWA" and the attempt to delegitimize and end the issue of refugees, which is the core of the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that education in Palestine occupies the second place for Palestinians after the end of the occupation, according to a study of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Saleh called on the Arab League to address the Arab funds and institutions in order to provide urgent educational needs in Palestine, and the need to repel the ongoing Israeli attack on Jerusalem, especially the educational system specifically related to the Palestinian curriculum.

He stressed the importance to come up with a set of recommendations that could be translated into solutions, especially with regard to UNRWA and the issue of Jerusalem, and provide support for the needs of Palestinians wherever they are, and the need to provide educational service.