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Palestinians of 48 file international complaints against Israeli police
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Occupied Palestine, ALRAY - Jurists in the High Follow-up Committee of the Arab masses in 1948 Palestinian lands is to file a complaint to UN human rights regarding the "failure" of Israeli law enforcement authorities to confront violence and crime in Arab society.

It noted that it will address international institutions to reveal Israeli policy and preparing a paper on violence and crimes that includes irrefutable data condemning Israeli law enforcement authorities.


Head of the committee, Mohammed Baraka said that committee works within a comprehensive vision to Israeli police and enforcement authorities to apply the law that will secure the security of Palestinian communities.

The director of the Forum Right Center, Youssef Jabareen said that there is no doubt that the international track is an important one that complements and strengthens our mass protests, especially when we talk about one of the fundamental and natural rights of every human being.


Since the beginning of 2019, about 75 Palestinians are killed in 1948 occupied Palestinian lands, 11 of them are women. The latest crime was the killing of Mahmoud Eghbareyah,35, last week in Um Al-Fahem.