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IOF arrests 18 Palestinians in raids to occupied West Bank and Jerusalem
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces arrested Tuesday at dawn 18 Palestinians after storming their houses and ransacking them in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israeli army stated in a statement that it arrested 10 Palestinians from West Bank claiming that they are wanted under the pretext of being involved in resistance actions.

Local sources reported that IOF arrested four Palestinians, two of them are brothers from Bethlehem.  

IOF arrested the ex-detainee AbdArrhman Wawei from his house in Biet Seera village to the west of Ramallah.

Israeli settlers threw stones towards Palestinian vehicles near Allaban town to the southern east of Nablus.

Palestinian sources reported that many vehicles damaged of the stones.  

IOF waged arrest campaign in Issaweia town east of Occupied Jerusalem and arrested eight Palestinians. Local sources reported that clashes erupted  late last night, between the residents of the town and the Israeli police who stormed the town.