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Senior Palestinian figures and institutions criticizes blocking 59 Pal. Sites
Senior Palestinian figures and institutions criticizes blocking 59 Pal. Sites
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Gaza, ALRAY - Senior Palestinian figures and institutions criticized Ramallah Magistrate court over the decision to block 59 electronic press sites, considering it accord with Israeli attack against Palestinian media contents.

Palestinian Public Front denounced the decision, calling on the Palestinian authority to retreated the decision. It considered the decision as a part of the political controversial that consolidate the unipolar policy and the policy of gagging.   

It said that blocking dozens of Palestinian media sites violates Palestinian laws, stressing the right to freedom of expression, the right to criticize and disclose cases of corruption.

The Palestinian journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, considered the decision of blocking 59 websites, an attack on freedom of journalism, freedom of expression, and an attack on the right of the Palestinian public to know and receive information.

It called on the Palestinian Authority to retreat the decision and work to amend Article 10 of the Cybercrime Law of 2018 to reach a Palestinian society that respects journalism, intellectual pluralism and protects media freedoms.

The Palestinian community in America also criticized the decision, under which many pages of the Palestinian community in America and all its electronic sites were blocked, pointing out that the decision did not include any Zionist site or even sites of normalization with the enemy.

Palestinian magistrate court in Ramallah on Monday issued a decision to block dozens of websites under allegations of threats to national security, civil peace and public order.

On June 24, 2017, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas approved the cybercrime law, which aims to regulate transactions, media websites and social networking sites, and to impose sanctions on those who violate or incite public behavior.