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US freeze bank account of three Palestinian activists
US freeze bank account of three Palestinian activists
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Gaza, ALRAY - The US Treasury Department recently froze bank accounts of three Palestinian activists, accusing them of transferring funds to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

Ynet site identified Wednesday that the three activists as Kamal Awad, Fawaz Naser, Mohammed Aai. US treasury accused the three activists of being worked as channels for transferring funds to Palestinian organizations in the Gaza Strip from Iran and have transferred millions of dollars in recent years.

The three activists live in Gaza, but the remittances maderr through the United States.

Senior Israeli intelligence officials in Israeli army quoted as saying that  financial lines that transfer funds to the West Bank and Gaza Strip are subjected to tight restrictions, especially the funds that transfer  to the military wing of Hamas.

Hamas creates new methods to cover money transfers, via bank transfers, cashiers or in person.

Meanwhile, the three activists traveled from the Gaza Strip abroad, according to the newspaper - and launder money for Hamas and Jihad, where the army describes Mohammed Ay the most dangerous of the three, the money changer, who lost 10 million dollars from the US action, and it is more important than Al-Khudaree who is assassinated in Gaza several months ago.

The US deputy finance minister quoted as saying that the United States will continue to fight financial lines linked to Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinian organizations.