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IOF demolishes the house of Abu Humaid
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli bulldozers demolished Thursday at dawn the house of Abu Hameed family in Al-Ama'ree camp in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Two military bulldozers accompanied by Israeli patrols and armored personnel carriers raided the camp, surrounded the houses and climbed the roof of near houses, then bulldozers started to demolish the house.

Violent clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths, many suffocation cases reported as Israeli soldiers fires tear gas towards Palestinian youths.

Israeli soldiers erected military checkpoints around the camp, and arrested one of the youths.

Israeli occupation forces threatened the family of Abu Humaid to demolish her home early this month, after after the family re-built the house, which was demolished by IOF last December. Islam Abu Hamid killed a soldier after throwing a marble slab on his head.

The five sons of Abu Hamid are sentenced to life sentences in the prisons of the occupation against the backdrop of participation in guerrilla operations against occupation.