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IOF raids Issawiya , beats the residents
IOF raids Issawiya , beats the residents
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Many suffocation cases reported among the residents of Obaid neighborhood in the village of Issawiya northeast of occupied Jerusalem, and many sustained bruises and wounds after the occupation forces brutally attacked them on Saturday evening.

Eyewitnesses reported that a number of the residents got suffocated of tear gas fired by Israeli forces towards the residents' houses.

Field medics in Issawiya reported that they treated 15 suffocation cases with teargas, an eight-months baby among them.

Palestinian Red Crescent reported that its crews provided the first aid to two injuries during the clashes in Issawiya, then they were lift to the hospital.

The Jerusalemite activist Mohammed Abu Hummus sustained injuries in his forehead as an Israeli soldier An Israeli soldier beat him with the file's butt on his face, because he documented their attacks on residents, he was evacuated to Hadassah al-Issawiya hospital.

The residents pointed out that IOF attacked the residents of Obaid neighborhood brutally, using tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets, severely beaten with their rifles and batons, as well as they beat women.

IOF arrested three youths from the neighborhood after beat him, their identities are still disclosed.

A state of tension overwhelmed the neighborhood, Palestinian youths closed all the streets with containers, in protest against Israeli forces aggression against the residents of the neighborhood.

Dozens of members of Israeli sepcial units broke into the neighborhood of Obaid in the village of Issawiya, and deployed in the streets.