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Palestinian mass mobilization against house demolition of entire neighborhood in Qalansawe
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Qalansawe, ALRAY - Several popular forces and political frameworks alongside the Qalansawe municipality have decided to organize a protest rally and set up a sit-in tent next Saturday at the city’s main entrance to protect the houses threatened with demolition in the city.


The decision came following a wide meeting after the Israeli Planning and Building committee had sent summons for at least 25 owners of Palestinian houses located in a neighborhood east of the city of Qalansawe, so as to handed demolition orders over to them allegedly for building without permits.


The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) claims that the neighborhood was built on a non-building area, noting in the summons it sent to the owners of the houses that a power transmission line will pass in the same area.


“We must first understand the equation properly. Our battle is neither judicial nor schematic. It’s utterly political. It’s clear the IOA pursues a policy of displacement that includes narrowing the residential base and not ratifying the expansion maps of the Arab towns,” attorney Ahmad Ghazzawi said during the meeting.


“We must stand hand in hand, as I want you the owners of houses to be always at the forefront, and to take part at the national and protest activities since the mass participation side is the most important path alongside the other means,” Ghazzawi added.


For his part, head of Qalansawe municipality Abdul Basit Salama said that if it were up to the municipality, no house would be demolished, adding that this issue should go in three tracks: first judicial track, then schematic track and lastly the mass mobilization track.