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Israeli occupation authorities demolishes 165 Palestinian houses in 2019
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation municipality in occupied Jerusalem demolished 165 houses in occupied Jerusalem since the begging 2019, under the pretext of unlicensed buildings.

The spokesperson of B'Tselem Kareem Jubran said that Israeli municipality increased the process of demolishing Palestinian houses and it refrains from approving the structural maps of Jerusalemites.

The number of houses demolished since the beginning of this year until the end of last October, is 165 houses.

Israel municipality imposed heavy fines on the owners of houses bear the cost of the demolition, since a number of Jerusalemites resort to demolishing their homes with their own.

Of the 165 demolished houses this year, 40 have been demolished by their homeowners to avoid paying large cost of demolition imposed by the occupation.

It noted that Israeli occupation authorities abolished all the old Jordanian architectural plans, and seized a lot of land, and declared most of the unconstructed areas as green areas, nature reserves and archaeological areas, and other designations adopted by which deprived many Palestinians of their land.