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Prisoner Zahran suspends hunger strike after 113 days
Prisoner Zahran suspends hunger strike after 113 days
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Ramallah, ALRAY - Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails Ahmad Zahran on Monday evening suspended his open-ended hunger strike that lasted for 113 days in a row, after he came to an agreement with his jailers, said Commission of Detainees and ex-Detainees’ Affairs.

Chairman of the Detainees’ Affairs, Qadri Abu Baker, pointed out that the prisoner Zahran suspended his hunger strike, after he reached an agreement with the IPS with the presence of the director of the committees’ legal unit, Jawad Paulus.

42-year-old father of four Ahmad Zahran, a resident of Deir Abu Mash'al village to the northwest of Ramallah, has spent about 15 years in Israeli occupation jails. He latest detention was in March, 2019. Since then, he was placed under administrative detention without charge or trial.

Under the agreement, prisoner Zahran will be released on February 25, 2020, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.

This is the second strike for Zahran, since the first one has begun and lasted for 38 days after the IPS refused to fulfill its promise to end his administrative detention.

According to Palestinian figures, about 5,700 Palestinians, including 48 women and 250 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

Among them, close to 500 Palestinians are currently being held under Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention, under which prisoners can be held for renewable six-month periods without charge or trial.