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Anonymous set fire into car of mayor of Jenin
Anonymous set fire into car of mayor of Jenin
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Jenin, ALRAY - Anonymous set fire in to the car of the mayor of the Tilfit village, east of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank, as part of a series of recent attacks.

Local sources reported that the anonymous opened fires towards the vehicle of the mayor Raed Ersheed then set fire into it while it barking inside a store belonging to the aforementioned citizen's house, behind the Jenin Girls Secondary School in Jenin.

It is estimated that the arson attack is integral part of a serious of threatens that the mayor received on a a legal dispute between the village council in Talfit, which the Arab American University is located on its lands, and dozens of owners of buildings that used as student housings that located  on the lands of Talfit in a way that violates the licensing procedures.

The sources added that the lawsuit was followed by an attack on the village council in Talfit, which stormed its headquarters and stole the contents of the files from inside it some time ago.

The arson attacks and the assaults shed the light on the recurrence of similar cases of assaults, for various reasons, involving doctors, lawyers and others.