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Israeli occupation closes two Palestinian schools in occupied Jerusalem
Israeli occupation closes two Palestinian schools in occupied Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) on Tuesday prevented the opening of the second semester of the school year for two schools in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem.


The IOA did not allow the start of the second semester in al-Wad al-Sadiq and al-Fursan Palestinian schools in occupied Jerusalem on the pretext that both schools lack construction permits, according to local sources.


“I went to school after receiving a call from my sons who are studying in al-Wad al-Sadiq school to find teachers holding a vigil in the yard of the school following closing it by the IOA,” said, Nidal Awaida, father of two students in al-Wad al-Sadiq school.


The Palestinian Ministry of Education spurned the closure by the IOA of the two schools and the current practices against them, which violate the rights of students and teachers.


The ministry said that the closure of the two schools is an encroachment on the proper management standards, as it constitutes an infringement on the educational process and its regularity.


It called upon the IOA to reopen the two schools immediately to ensure the right of Palestinian students to education in accordance with the national Palestinian curriculum as any other school students in the occupied city.


The ministry also called upon everyone to shoulder their responsibilities to guarantee the continuity of the Palestinian education in all Palestinian schools in Jerusalem, so as to confront the policies of Judaization and the attempts to get rid of the national Palestinian identity.