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Palestinian minor detainees suffers hard conditions in Damoon
Palestinian minor detainees suffers hard conditions in Damoon
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West Bank, ALRAY - The 33 Palestinian minor detainees that moved to Damoon prison earlier this month suffer hard detention conditions, their representatives in Ofra prison to take escalating steps, prisoners club reported Thursday.

The club explained in a statement that the suppressing forces stormed the section after their transfer, and took all electrical devices from them, in response the children detainee took protesting steps such as returning the bad meals, moreover they suffer of acute shortage of covers in cold weather, and the section is still closed.

It added that the bathrooms of the prisons are opened without curtains, and since their transfer the children were not able to have shower, and there is a great difficulty in using them. Damon Prison administration is holding an amount of “Kantina” with a value of (8000 shekels) for the transferred child prisoners.

IPS of Damoon claimed that it returned the money to Ofra , but it still holding the money to ban the children detainee from buying their needs.

The prisoners in "Ofer" decided to taket escalatory steps in the coming hours, rejecting the procedures of the IPS against the transferred children.

IPS moved 33 minor detainees from Ofra to Damoon prison without their representatives, threatening their lives.  

IPS submit a suggestion to move one of the representatives from Ofra prison to Damoon and limiting the time of his presence in the section and returning him to   the cell of the adult prisoners at night.

Palestinian prisoners considered this step the beginning of a scheme for the confinement of the children of the prisoners, and robbing one of the most important achievements of the prisoners that established a special system for the lives of the captured children, and helping them to organize their detention life.