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IOF demolishes tent and caravan in Biet Jala
IOF demolishes tent and caravan in Biet Jala
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities demolished Thursday morning a tent and a caravan in the Bir Aouna area in the city of Beit Jala, west of the Bethlehem governorate south of the West Bank, and razed two streets in the village of Al-Walajah in the west.

The Palestinian citizen Mohammed Zirana said the occupation forces demolished a tent and a caravan, and destroyed retaining walls and a gate for the fifth time, noting that he was not present when it was demolished

Zirana explained that he has been suffering of demolishing policy since 2016, Israeli policy seeks to force them to leave, IOF demolished his house previously and barracks for livestock twice.

He added that the occupation forces have deliberately destroyed the barracks, tents, container, and displacement of livestock in the mountainous region to force the family to leave within the framework of an occupation plan to displace the citizens from these lands."

He stated that about 35 sheep have been displaced and he did not find them, in addition to a horse. The occupation army deliberately let the sheep go , banning his family members from taking them.

Local sources reported that big Israeli force escorted with the border guards and the occupation municipality in Jerusalem raided the Bir Aouna area and demolished the tents and caravans.

Meanwhile,  vehicles belonging to the occupation authorities razed two streets in the village of Al-Walajah, west of Bethlehem.

Local sources reported that Israeli occupation forces razed two streets in the Ain Juiza area, in the Khallet Al-Khor neighborhood.

It is mentioned that the village of Al-Walajah is subject to repeated aggression  by the occupation, such as the demolition of houses, the destruction of retaining walls, and streets.