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Evicting Palestinian building in favor of settlement association
Evicting Palestinian building in favor of settlement association
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli magistrate court issued Sunday evening a decision of evacuating a housing building of Naser Al-Rajbee family in Batn al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Wadi Hilwa information center reported.  

The center noted that the eviction decision made in favor of Ateret Cohanim settlement association, claiming that the land on which the building constructed is owned by Jewish.

 The center and the committee of Batn al-Hawa neighborhood explained in a joint statement that the judge of Israeli magistrate court rejected Al-Rajabi family’s objection to the judicial notices that it had received from “Ateret Cohanim” in 2016.


It explained that the family has been fighting for proving its ownership of the land and the building since 2016.

It added that the building consists of three stories, and host 16 members including children and elderly.

The last session of the court was in September 2019, and the judge issued a decision in favor of "Ateret Cohanim".

Ateret Cohanim obtained in 2001 the right to run the property of the Jewish Society that claims ownership of the land. It started since September 2015 to send notices to the residents of the neighborhood asking for the lands on which their homes are constructed; 84 Palestinian families received notices to evacuate their homes.   

The center explained that the building of Al-Rajabi family located within the Ateret Cohanim scheme to take over  5 dunums and 200 square meters of Al-Hara Al-Wusta neighborhood in Batn al-Hawa area, claiming that the lands are owned by Jews from Yemen since 1881.

It noted that the land are separated to six parts; Ateret Cohanim Association claims that the Israeli Supreme Court recognized the ownership of Jews from Yemen over the land.  

About 35 buildings constructed on the land and all the residents live in the neighborhood since a decade, after buying the land with official papers.