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Increase number of patients among detainees in Israeli jails
Increase number of patients among detainees in Israeli jails
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Occupied West Bank, ALRAY - A noticeable increase in the number of patient Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails due to medical neglect policy by the Israeli prison services, Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center, reported Sunday.  

Reyad al-Ashqar, the spokesperson of the center said in a statement that the policy of medical neglect against Palestinian patient prisoners let to an increase in the numbers of prisoners with serious diseases inside prisons.  The disease can be controlled at its beginnings, but with the neglect of care and treatment for long months or years makes recovery difficult, if not impossible.

In recent months, many cases of cancers in advanced stages, heart attacks and others as a result of the lack of early detection, failure to provide appropriate treatments for diseases that affect prisoners in their early stages, and neglecting their lives by not performing surgeries or necessary checks for them.

The Jerusalemite detainee, Ahmed Sa'dah,40, detained in 2003 and sentenced to life imprisonment for 13 times, suffered a heart attack in Raymond Prison, and transferred to Israeli Soroka Hospital, where a catheter was did for him, and his health remains difficult and needs constant follow-up.  

The health conditions of Jerusalemite detainee Feras Ghanem,46, deteriorated since he suffered a heart attack several times in the prisons due to medical neglect.

Al-Ashqar said that the center documented many cases of cancers and other disease among detainees who serve long terms.  

He called on all international medical institutions, especially the World Health Organization, to break their silence and condemn the Israeli occupation crimes against the sick prisoners.