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IOF kills two Palestinian students, arrests 161 in 2019
IOF kills two Palestinian students, arrests 161 in 2019
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian ministry of education documented the killing of two Palestinian students and arrest 161 by Israeli occupation forces during 2019.

On the international day of education, the ministry noted in a statement Sunday that Israeli occupation authorities persist committing violations against education epically in occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, C area and Gaza Strip.    

The ministry explained in report on the Israeli violations against education process in 2019 that Israeli forces killed two Palestinian students , arrested 161 students, 17 teachers and administrators, injured 175 students and 120 teachers and administrators, arrested 101 students and 40 teachers and administrative employees , and hindered the safe access for students by 4,576 cases, and to 859 teachers and administrators.  

IOF also demolished two schools , and handed Notices of demolition, cessation of construction, confiscation and closure of a number of other schools

The report explained that these measures let to losing about 3072 classes.

It noted that Israeli occupation authorities tightening its measures against education ministry, preventing it from building schools within the approved standards and foundations in the targeted areas, which compelled it to build shanty schools or caravans, out of its keenness to provide education for students in these areas.  

Ministry of education stressed that Israeli violations of education right constitutes a real challenge for it to achieve the internationally declared goals, and adhering to international covenants to work actively to develop all education aspects and stages.

It stressed its relentless pursuit to promote cooperation with offical and national institutions of national action, to ensure the achievement of national goals, calling on the institutions of the international community and friendly countries to stand by the efforts made by the government, especially in terms of improving education and its outputs, and developing the infrastructure for this strategic sector.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development.