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EU to vote against Deal of the Century
EU to vote against Deal of the Century
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West Bank, ALRAY - European Union foreign ministers are expected to discuss the Deal of the Century and deliberate countermeasures to the plan during a 17 February meeting in Brussels, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The paper reported that the decisions are still un-clear, however the EU will publicly condemn the deal, and may adopt a decision that re-form the EU vision to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  

Israeli ambassadors in Europe have for weeks reportedly been actively lobbying for the success of the so-called Deal of the Century presented last month by US President Donald Trump, in a bid to convince EU leaders to accept and promote the unpopular diplomatic gambit.

The decisions of the European Union are taken by unanimously consensus of the member states of the Union. However, Israeli thwarts the such decisions by exploiting its relations with some union's member states, such as Hungary, which has thwarted many similar decisions in the past, and it is expected that Hungary will do so as well.

Ha'aretz quoted sources familiar with the contents of the talks as saying that Israeli delegates claim that it is ready to resume negotiations with the Palestinians, and that the European Union's opposition to the "deal of the century" will encourage "Palestinian rejection."


EU announced, following the announce of US president's vision for peace, that it will study the deal, but last week, European Union Foreign Minister Josip Borrell announced his rejection of the deal, following comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his intention to annex the settlements and the Jordan Valley to Israel.

EU external affairs spokesperson, Peter Stano, said that the EU remains committed to a two-state solution within the 1967 borders, noting that Monday’s meeting will look into “how best to respond to further developments on the ground”.