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Warnes of detention conditions in Israeli jails: Detainees& ex-Detainees Affairs
Warnes of detention conditions in Israeli jails: Detainees& ex-Detainees Affairs
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West Bank, ALRAY - The head of the Studies and Documentation Unit of the Detainees and ex-detainees  Affairs in the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Abdel Nasser Farwana, warned of the escalating Israeli measures against Palestinian prisoners that  aim to return the conditions in prisons to their conditions in the seventies of the last century, which threatens to explode the conditions inside prisons.

Farwana said in a press statement on Tuesday that the measures are part of the instructions and decisions of the right-wing Israeli government and an implementation of the laws of the Israeli Knesset, which target the prisoners, the essence of man and all details of life behind bars.

He noted that the decisions of Ardan Committee, that passed half and a year ago, are a real translation of the IPS directions that seeks to crack down on Palestinian detainees and depriving them of their rights that they achieved by the sacrifices and the long struggles during the past decades.    

Farwana expressed his grave concerns over the conditions of Palestinian detainees that got much worse than ever.   


He called for rectifying the situation and starting serious talks to realize a united vision to confront the measures of IPS.    

The Occupation Authorities are holding about 5700 Palestinian prisoners, distributed in nearly 23 interrogation canters , detentions and imprisonment centers, including 230 children, 48 women detainees, 500 administrative detainees, and 1,800 patients, including 700 in need of urgent medical treatment.

Detainees in the occupation prisons suffer from a number of Israeli violations against them, especially the deliberate medical negligence that has claimed 222 lives since 1967.