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Netanyahu is skeptical of reaching truce with Gaza
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  • 09:02 19 February 2020
Netanyahu is skeptical of reaching truce with Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his uncertainty over reaching a truce agreement with Gaza strip.  

He said during a speech with Israeli army radio on Tuesday that I'm not sure if a truce agreement could be signed with Gaza, however, if such an agreement realized, returning the captured Israeli soldiers will be part of it.  

Netanyahu avoided repeating his previous statements in which he expressed Israeli government ready to lunch a military operation against Gaza.

Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas movement, has revealed pictures for four Israeli soldiers without giving any details about their fate, they are identified as Shaul Oron, Hadar Golden, Abraham Mengistu and Hashem El Sayed.


Hamas demanded, the release of all detainees that Israel re-detained after being released as part of Shalit swap agreement, to start any indirect talks with Israeli occupation regarding a new agreement to release the captured Israeli soldiers.

Netanyahu said that he is able to manage many issues that others may are not able to do despite his due trial.

Israeli media sources expected that Netanyahu's trial may be held after the Israeli elections.

The Israeli government's legal advisor Avichai Mandelblit filed, last month, an indictment to Israeli Magistrate Court in Jerusalem, after Netanyahu had failed to obtain parliamentary immunity.


The indictment includes three files, the first is receiving gifts and benefits from businessmen, in exchange for facilities, the second is trying to reach an agreement with the publisher of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper to obtain positive coverage of his activities in the newspaper, in exchange for weakening the competing newspaper "Israel Today".

The third and the most dangerous file includes indictments against Netanyahu of giving privileges and financial facilities to the shareholder of Bezeq telecom company Shaul Alovich, in exchange for obtaining positive media coverage in his site, Walla.  

Netanyahu asked for parliamentary immunity in order to postpone his trial, but he refrained because there is no majority in the Knesset that support granting him immunity, his trial is expected to start after the Knesset elections, which will be held on March 2.