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NO one could dissolve UNRWA: Howaidi
NO one could dissolve UNRWA: Howaidi
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 West Bank, ALRAY - Attempts to target UNRWA is not one of fruits of Deal Century, it is even been but none could revoke UNRWA, Ali Howaidi, Director General of Association 302 to Defend Refugee Rights stated.

Either UNRWA remains or dissolved, it does not mean that the right of return is waved. After 72 years, Palestinians have proved that they did not forget their home land nor they waved their right of return, Howaidi said.

Howaidi warned of the a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon as a result of the economic crisis, criticizing the Lebanese government's ministerial statement  that did not  include any  rights for refugees, saying: "It was a repeat of previous statements, and therefore there is no prospect for a solution to this issue."

 The number of Palestinian refugees in Syria ups to 150.000 Palestinians, noting that Syria still falls under the emergency state, which is adopted by UNRWA, and through which it provides assistance to refugees.