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Israel to construct 1000 settlement units in east Jerusalem
Israel to construct 1000 settlement units in east Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli prime minister decision to construct 1000 more settlement units in east Jerusalem next weeks is inseparable part of an Israeli strategic vision to persist Jerusalem as a united capital of Israel, Israel Hayom paper reported.   

The paper explained that the decision dash any hope for Palestinians to create a contiguous urban foothold from Bethlehem, through Beit Jala and Givat Hamatos. 

It noted that US and EU pressure has until now prevented Netanyahu from calling for bids in the new construction project, but Thursday's statement suggests that Netanyahu is now embarking on a new path.

"Construction in Givat Hamatos will severely hamper the prospect of a two-state solution because it will ultimately block the possibility of territorial contiguity between East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and in particular will prevent Palestinian Beit Safafa from connecting with a future Palestinian state," the left-wing watchdog Peace Now lamented following Netanyahu's decision.

The paper explained that to get the job done, Netanyahu should also unfreeze construction plans in northern Jerusalem, just beyond the Green Line near the Atarot Industrial Park. If he does so, he will be able to debunk the rumors that this area is poised to be handed over to the Palestinians to develop their tourism industry, as the Trump administration's Vision for Peace indicates.


Netanyahu has previously approved plane to build 4000 settlement units in Jerusalem, 3000 of them in Givat Hamatos and approved planes to build 2200 settlement units ca that will be called Har Homa 5.

Palestinian sources noted that the settlement plans in occupied Jerusalem will tighten the Israeli grip on occupied Jerusalem, separating it from Bethlehem and southern West Bank.

The new planes of settlements will draw a tight connected settlement line that started from the northern parts of Bethlehem at the settlement in  Jabal Abu Ghneim, known as Har Homa, located east of Bethlehem to the settlement of Givat Hamtus and the settlement of Gilo, north of Bethlehem, and then to the settlement of Har Gilo, to the west of the city, where all settlement being connected.  All the settlements connected to the settlement of Gush Etzion in the southwest of Bethlehem.

Israeli occupied east Jerusalem in 1967 and then annexed it, despite the international community refusal to recognize.

The UN considers the settlements that have been established on the Palestinian territories occupied by "Israel" since 1967 as illegal, and many countries of the international community considered settlements a major obstacle to peace. But the administration of US President Donald Trump declared it legal and recognized Jerusalem as the unified capital of "Israel".